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June 2017

This month has involved lots and lots of baking of both the edible and non edible / imaginary variety! 

The non edible included mud pies and plasticine gingerbread people! The yummy edible creations included cakes, pizza and biscuits all made by our very own budding chefs.

July 2017

We made the most of the lovely weather and spent lots of time in our gardens. We watered our lettuces and also planted cress. As always, we also spent our time indoors doing lots of different activities including painting and creating graduation hats for our leavers. This is always the saddest time of year for us as we start to say a fond farewell to our children leaving us to start school. They have loved wearing their graduation hats to the farewell parties that we have been holding in Big Fun House. It has been such an honour and privilege to see the children develop and flourish during their time with us and we wish them all the very best in their new journey starting school. We will miss them!

February 2017

This month we went on a little excursion to Pets At Home. We loved looking at the animals!

As always, we visited Big Fun House in the mornings before it opened. 'Hands up' who loves playing at Big Fun House?!!!!

May 2017

We love our music sessions with our friends Musical Bumps. This month we have been learning to read music and playing with their brilliant musical instruments. We have been creating lovely pictures to display on the walls of the nursery. We have been busy planting so that we can spend the next few months watching our plants and vegetables grow.

August & September 2017

As much as we love exploring our outdoor areas in all weather conditions, the rainy August meant that we did lots of fun activities inside as well. This included lots of lovely puzzles, loads of painting and as always, so much music fun with our friends Musical Bumps. Outside, we made lots of mud pies in our Mud Kitchen and did loads of digging in our sandpit. Our newest children have settled in brilliantly and it has been so lovely to see new friendships developing.

November 2017

This month has been all about baking - making jam tarts and chocolate straws and learning as always, to take turns. We have loved making them almost as much as we have loved eating them for our tea! Our children have been cutting up their own fruit for snack time and developing independence. 

We have been using our parachute for indoor and outdoor activities, learning about colours and following direction. We made animal noises when we found the correct colour. Two children had their birthdays in November so we had a birthday party to celebrate which was lots of fun! 

As always, we have spent lots of time in our garden - making sandcastles and jumping over an obstacle course.

December 2017

Wow, where do we begin? December has been such a busy month packed full of such fun activities. We made salt dough decorations to hang on the Christmas tree in Big Fun House. Don't the homemade decorations look fantastic? Lots of activities relating to trees - we made a friendship tree display for Snowflakes and a Christmas tree display for Big Fun House made out of our hand and footprints in paint. Our observation tree had sparked lots of conversations and we look forward to seeing it grow and change over the coming months. We have used ice in our play both indoors and outside - we always love exploring different materials and textures. December has also seen the arrival of exciting new things. Our Baby Room Garden has a new playhouse and a new area full of natural resources for our little ones to explore. Our Pre School Room has a new playhouse which has initiated lots of lovely imaginary play. This year, we are going to be having lots of fun working our way through the National Trusts list of "50 Things To Do Before You're 11 3/4's." The parents of our little ones have been brilliant at getting involved and so far learning to ride a horse, visiting a farm, going for a night time nature walk and going for a long bike ride are just some of the activities that have been completed. Keep an eye out for pictures of all the other activities we will doing in 2018 as we work our way through the list!

April 2017

We love messy play at Snowflakes and have been doing lots of it both indoors and outside. We have also been hunting for bugs and watering our flower and veg beds to get them ready for summer.

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January 2017

We love playing outside and exploring in all seasons. This month we have been digging our flower and vegetable beds to get them ready for Spring and have loved the cold spell and all the ice we discovered in our gardens.

October 2017

What a busy month October has been! We loved doing a shape and colour hunt around our gardens and filling out our sheets with what we found. Lots of fun outside including den making, watering our plants and messy play with pumpkins.  Indoors, we have been so busy and the messy play has continued. We have also made bubble pictures, made our own play-doh and done lots of painting and as always, this hasn't just been pictures but our hands and feet as well! We have loved water play and using the water and our whistles to make tunes. Other activities have included making fireworks and making lots of firework noises! We carved pumpkins for our Halloween party and enjoyed getting dressed up - especially turning our key workers into 'mummies'!!!

March 2017

We have been doing lots of painting - and made some beautiful cards to give to our lovely Mummy's on Mothers Day. Lots of fun outside digging and making sandcastles in our big sandpit.